Research Interests:
  • Reforestation and Forest Management-  Increased high severity fires and drought are leaving vast areas devoid of natural conifer regeneration. Where are forests regenerating on their own and where are they not? When managers opt for reforestation, where should seeds be sourced from to ensure they have the best chance of growing into healthy, resilient, and climate-adapted forests? Where can strategic fuel reduction lead to the largest gains in conserving forest habitat, resources, and natural heritage?
  • Conservation Biogeography – Environmental changes are driving shifts in the geographic distribution of species. What management actions can we take to save disappearing wildlife?
Decision Support Tools:
  • Climate Adapted Seed Tool (CAST) – Rapid climate change has caused a mismatch between the climate that tree populations have adapted to and the climate they currently grow in. This tool helps ecosystem managers identify seed sources that are pre-adapted to local climate conditions at their planting sites. CAST currently serves CA, OR, WA, ID, & NV, though some features are limited to California.
  • Postfire Conifer Reforestation Planning Tool (PostCRPT) – Large and severe wildfires are leaving vast areas devoid of natural conifer regeneration. This tool aids managers in prioritizing areas for reforestation by providing maps of predicted natural conifer regeneration. It includes taxon-specific regeneration predictions and a range of postfire climate and seed production scenarios. This is a supplement to our paper on postfire conifer regeneration. PostCRPT currently serves low-moderate-elevation forests of California and Southern Oregon.
  • Pika Extirpation Predicter – This is an interactive supplement to our paper on pika extirpations in California. Adjust the slider to see where American pika populations are predicted to become extinct as temperatures warm.
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Our research on the American pika was featured on the National Geographic Channel.
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