Species Occurrence Data Portals: 
Phylogenetic Data:
Landcover Data:
Climate Data:
Time Series:
Natural History Audio Library:
Recommended GUI Software:
Recommended R Packages:
  • raster – raster manipulation in R
  • ROpenSci – wrappers for biodiversity informatics APIs, and more
  • dismo – for species distribution modeling in R
  • spsurvey – run a GRTS draw
  • MuMIn – Multimodel Inference
  • unmarked – Occupancy analysis
  • marked – mark recapture analysis
  • caper, ape, phytools, picante – fun with phylogenetics
  • Rphylopars – ancestral state reconstruction using phylogeny and trait correlations
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Estimating Species Climate Change Vulnerability with Correlative Species Distribution Models 

–> R code to batch process MaxEnt SDMs <–


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